Flute Tunings

I make flutes in two distinct categories of tunings –

(1) REGULAR TUNING (Diatonic Scale, or Do-Re-Me-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do)

(2) EXOTIC TUNING (Ancient Pentatonic Scales, which have five notes per octave, and other six- and seven-note variations)

In the REGULAR TUNING the flutes can start small in tiny Piccolo sizes from 6″ or smaller, and get deeper and deeper on up to the Alto range which is about three feet long. These models have six holes on top, and can be placed in a straight line as typically done, or I like to offset the holes to where they fit the fingers in a natural resting position, thereby making them easier to play, and this arrangement works well for larger models too so people with smaller hands can play a larger flute with more comfort. In the larger Alto range like G and A, approaching three feet long, it is impossible to put all six holes on top because most people cannot reach the holes, however I have designed models with four holes on top and two thumb holes, and thus almost anyone can play songs in the Diatonic Scale with a larger flute.

The EXOTIC TUNINGS include the Major Pentatonic and Minor Pentatonic Scale, as well as other types of Pentatonic Scales from various ancient cultures like India, Indonesia and the Orient. Also in this category are six-hole flutes in variations such as my Gypsy Dance model and others. These EXOTIC models come in various sizes, from tiny Piccolo size all the way through the Alto range and up to the Bass and Contrabass models.

Please contact me to see what’s available! All flutes are made meticulously by one person using very simple tools and techniques, and there are no mass production arrangements resulting in cookie-cutter flutes whatsoever. Each piece is monitored and modified for a period after construction to ensure stability in tuning, as each piece is unique and responds differently to atmospheric conditions. Oh yeah, and each flute is tuned to concert pitch where A=440, so you can play along with other modern instruments…

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